Top New Trends in the Kitchen Remodeling Services Industry for 2022  

Stay ahead of the curve by discovering the top new trends in the kitchen remodeling services business for 2022. Some kitchen design trends come and go, while others demonstrate a lot more staying power. You can find the top kitchen trends for 2022 below. 


Home improvement has skyrocketed in the last two years due to global events. However, not everyone can afford a full kitchen remodel. As a result, many homeowners have engaged companies that offer remodeling services for small projects. You can give your kitchen a whole new look with just an updated backsplash and some trendy hardware. 

Hidden Kitchens 

Now you see them; now you don’t! Hidden kitchens represent one new trend for 2022 that might stick around for a while. By artfully concealing the sink, range, oven, and cupboards, hidden kitchens appear more like a gathering place. While entertaining guests, you can cook right in front of them, eat, put everything away, and continue hanging out in the same location. 

High Storage Cabinets 

Homeowners looking to declutter their kitchens have begun to install floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Instead of collecting dust, underutilized items can hide out in the upper compartments and remain ready to use whenever you need them. Some of the things we see in high storage cabinets include food dehydrators, juicers, and cookware used only during the holidays. 

The Dark Side 

Join the dark side by adding deep, rich colors to your kitchen walls, cupboards, and countertops. The latest trend towards dark kitchens allows certain accents to really pop, especially those made out of metal. While some homeowners have taken it a little too far by painting their walls black, a highly saturated burgundy or dark forest green could represent the change your kitchen needed. 

Pendant Lights 

With the recent emergence of pendant lighting, it seems you can find them in any room of the house, including the kitchen. Pendant lights allow you to make a statement in the kitchen because they beg guests to notice them. Plus, they come in so many different styles that homeowners should have no difficulty finding pendant lights that match their current kitchen. 

Mixed Media 

Mix it up in the kitchen with different types of construction materials. When done right, a mixed-media kitchen can look like a piece of art. However, amateurs

 should beware; it takes a creative mind to make it work. Choose the wrong materials, and everything will clash. Consider hiring someone for kitchen remodeling services in Skippack if you’ve decided on a mixed-media kitchen. 

Double Islands 

Double islands represent one of those kitchen renovation ideas that almost everyone can get behind. While islands have made a strong comeback in general, double islands continue to lead the charge. If you have enough floor space, a double island can turn your kitchen into the most popular room in the house.  

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