6 Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Design Trends in Skippack 

Your bathroom is one of your home’s most important rooms. Why not enhance it with high-quality features and materials that will transform it into an elegant private oasis. If you’re looking for luxury bathroom remodeling contractors in Skippack, look no further than Inspiration Kitchen and Bath. We have the experience and expertise to turn your standard bathroom into a luxurious haven. 

Whether you’re remodeling a new home or giving your current home a much-needed facelift, this list of design trends is sure to spark your creativity. 

Floating Vanities 

Floating vanities are a new hot trend that offers plenty in the way of space savings without compromising on style. They come in an array of styles and finishes and have plenty of benefits to consider. Regardless of the setup you choose, floating vanities make cleaning your bathroom floors a breeze. 

Backlit Mirrors and Medicine Cabinets 

Backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets offer ambient lighting to your space without added reflections or glare. This exceptional choice for a modern bathroom design can be both eye-catching and functional. A backlit mirror can create the illusion of a floating mirror and also double as a nightlight when dimmed. 

Black Is the New Gray 

Gray may have captured the attention of many homeowners in the previous years, but things are about to change. Modern designs are moving on to bolder, darker styles. Darker tones, specifically black, are starting to pick up. This trend is most popular in vanities, light fixtures, mirrors, and other fixtures.

Black goes with everything, and it’s always in style. Incorporating it into your bathroom design creates an urban, industrial look. 

The Freestanding Tub 

Nothing looks chicer and more urban than the popular freestanding tub. This single addition or modification to your bathroom will give it an instant luxurious and exclusive feel. Whether you opt for a traditional ceramic tub or go for natural stone, the tub is sure to be an enticing focal centerpiece in the room. 

Smart Toilets and New Technology 

Once considered a preserve of the super-rich and wealthy, smart toilets and bidets are finding their place in today’s modern homes. These appliances feature innovative advancements such as touch-free flushing, hands-free components, self-closing lids, and much more. Even more exclusive fixtures like heated towel racks are gaining popularity by the day. 

Large Tiles 

Large-format tiles can add just the touch of luxury your bathroom needs to give it a new, modern look. They work well with minimalist showers and natural stone materials. In addition to having fewer grout lines to be seen, large-format tiles make your bathroom look unique. 

Overall, current bathroom remodeling trends are bold, efficient, and sustainable, which makes for luxurious bathroom space in any home. 

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